Tights, socks and under­pants for children

Kids’ tights — pre­sum­ably, the most favourite cloth­ing of all moth­ers, as in fact they pro­vide warm and com­fort for a child and are able to encour­age a bright mood of the peo­ple around.Our shop offers the enor­mous assort­ment of child’s tights for any taste pro­duced by the lead­ing hosiery fac­to­ries of Ukraine and Poland:

- ТМ “Duna” — Ukrain­ian LTD “Duna-​Vesta” is a leader from the pro­duc­tion of child’s and woman tights and socks of any size, com­po­si­tion, thick­ness and color, that already dic­tates a fash­ion on this type of cloth­ing for many years. Child’s tights will sur­prise you by the vari­ety of colours, nice pat­terns and qual­ity of pro­duc­tion of items. All mod­els have an elas­tic belt and flat seams. In case of the care­ful use, these tights can be use­ful to the junior brothers-​sisters. ТМ “Duna” pro­duces the tights for chil­dren from 0 to 18 years old mainly from a cot­ton, adding a bit of syn­thet­ics and lycra in the zone of foot, in order to increase dura­bil­ity of this ele­ment. The mod­els of child’s tights depend on a sea­son (sum­mer tights, demi-​seasonal tights, win­ter tights) and can be:

— from​lycra (“polyamid​e ”) with a com­puter fan­tasy picture,​monochrome

— from a thin cot­ton with a com­puter pic­ture (flo­ral net or​open-​work), monochrome

— from a​tight cot­ton with vari­coloured pic­tures– from a tight cot­ton with​a terry (plush) foot

- from​total terry (plush) inside

— from a​tight cot­ton with exter­nal​terry (plush), com­puter picture

— from a​tight cot­ton with­out​foot​(​teens’underpants),​mainly black

- ТМWOLA” — the Pol­ish pro­ducer of quality​tightspresents the wide model row of child’s​tightsof high​qual­ity. In our shop you can find the large assort­ment of​f​ashionable cot­ton varicoloured​tightswith nice​pic­tures for boys and girls.

- TM “Rata” — popular​mono­chrome child’s​tights from a 100​%​cot­ton are pre­sented in great num­bers tints (without​pic­tures).​

Child’s socks and​Stock­ings

For a com­fort and health​of​child’s legs​we offer child’s socks​from ТМ “Dun​a​” and ТМ “​ViAteks”. The assort­ment of child’s​socks is pre­sented by var­i­ous in colo​u​r, in thick, by​com­po­si­tion and patterns​,​by mod­els for chil­dren from 0 to​18 years old​.​Depend­ing on a sea­son you can purchase:

— sum­mer socks and​stock­ings from​lycra​(“polyamide”)​monochrome​,​with open work, with the use of​lace or dec­o­ra­tive elements

—​sum­mer socks from a thin cot­ton with a com­puter picture​(flo­ral net or open-​work)

— demi-​seasonal socks from a​tight cot­ton with varicoloured​pic­tures

— win­ter socks with internal​terry​(​plush),​with lapel​with vari­coloured pictures​-​winter socks with inter­nal​terry(plush), with​vari­coloured pictures

— win­ter socks with wool added

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